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Creighton EMT / Fire Department / Police Department

In our community, safety is a priority. With two police officers serving Creighton, and nearly 60 firefighters and EMT's covering nearly 240 square miles, our Safety and Rescue Squads are second to none. Check out the pictures below to learn more about these dedicated members of our community.


Fire/Rescue Covered Area
Approximately: 240 square miles & 2,056 people.

Police Department Roster
Chief of Police: Mark Duncan
Police Officer: Tiffany McLean



Fire Department Roster
Fire Chief: Kevin Sonnichsen
Assistant Fire Chief: Wally Sukup
Co Captain #1: Corey Horstmann
Lieutenant Captain #1: Mike Zerbe
Co Captain #2: Drew Nelson
Lieutenant Captain #2: Dave Huigens
Drill Instructors:
Mark Ripp, Garrett Carpenter, Tim Gragert, Les Baller
President: Scott Carpenter
Secretary/Treasurer: Alex Meyer
3 Year - Chad Horstmann
2 Year - Garrett Carpenter
1 Year - Corey Horstmann

Les Baller
Phil Beck
Brennan Becker
Jacob Bertschinger
Garrett Carpenter
Scott Carpenter
Rod Coutts
Sam Davidson
Steven Dvorak
Randy Ebel
Phil Ebel
Bill Fanta
Joe Fanta
Jim Fuchtman
Tyler Fuchtman
Brandon Gragert
Tim Gragert
Kent Hamilton
Garrett Hanefeldt
Dustin Hoferer
Chad Horstmann
Corey Horstmann
Dave Huigens
Harold Juzenas
Alex Meyer
Roger Morrill
Steve Morrill
Drew Nelson
Bert Prichett
Mark Ripp
Kevin Sonnichsen
Wally Sukup
Cory Tyler
Derek Tyler
Aaron Williamson
Mike Zerbe

EMT Roster
Captain: Jane Wilmes
Co-Captain: Tammy Reicks
Training Officer: Beth Dohmen
Training Officer: Tiffany McLean
Infection Control: Melodee Boggs
Purchasing Officer: Shelly Carstens
Financial Officer: Deb Sukup
Secretary: Laura Hintz

Kathy Becker
Phil Boggs
Melodee Boggs
Michelle Carstens
Tonya Curtis
Beth Dohmen
Dawn Fitch
Don Henery
Laura Hintz
Tiffany McLean
Sue McManigal
Cheryl Moser
Lee Nelson
Colleen OBrien-Farnik
Rebah Opkis
Bert Pritchett
Tammy Reicks
Mandy Rohrer
Sue Rohrer
Tricia Smith
Deb Sukup
Jane Wilmes
Todd Zimmerer

EMT Drivers
Greg Brockhaus
Loren Hintz
Dave Huigens
Gary Opkis
Mark Wilmes
Rick Wilmes